Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update - Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia- White Loaves

Well after checking out all the fabulous white loaves photos on other blogs, I came to the realization that my loaves were pretty funky with all the wholes.  Upon further investigation and a second disasterous attempt,  the problem revealed it's ugly self- I was proofing the loaves in a too warm oven- the horror!   A third attempt and using all self restaint to turn on the oven, I produced two beautiful white loaves with just proofing with the oven light on and-bonus- just in time for my wonderful mother in law's visit!   This time I used all purpose flour and braided one loaf which is very easy to do.  After the first rise, divide the dough into three sections and roll each other out to about 10-12 inches long.  Pinch the three sections together at the top and proceed to braid and pinch the bottom and tuck under.  Place in pan and proceed with the second proof.  Now to resist eating all the second loaf by myself...

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